Mary Quinn-Shalz, Funeral home

Mary Quinn Shalz is the owner and president of Quinn-Shalz Family Funeral Home. She and Michael Shalz married in 1992 and moved to Jacksonville from Kansas City in 1994. Their son, Jacob Quinn Shalz, was born in 1996. After the death of her husband, she began to play a more active role in the funeral home. In 2013 she retired from her career of teaching elementary school to further dedicate herself to her late husband’s legacy. As Quinn-Shalz serves the Beaches community, Mary spends much of her time volunteering for various community resources. She is involved with Beaches Emergency Assistance Ministry (BEAM), Beaches Community Kitchen, Beaches Habitat and volunteers in area schools and assists in tutoring students.

Funeral home services include:

  • Your friend and guide during your grieving time
  • Guide for traditional and many optional funeral services
  • We make funerals unique and personalized for your loved ones
  • Experts in military funerals and benefits
  • Experienced in funeral matters and civic involvement
  • Assistance in local or long distance death care needs
  • Expert and experienced staff
  • Comforting atmosphere to meet your needs
  • Onsite crematory
  • Beaches largest chapel

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